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“They say”

I find myself repeating the phrase “They  Say” so often, but really who is they? Baby experts? Well these so called baby experts are doing my head in….

There are so many “they’s” out there that when it comes to raising your babe its not only confusing but also overwhelming.

Here is what parenthood would look like if we listened to “They”

Hold your baby all the time, it’s important for bonding but don’t hold them too much or you’ll spoil them. And make sure you get a good carrier and “wear” your baby as much as possible, this puts them in a better biomechanical position for spinal and muscular development. But be careful of wearing baby too much as it may cause spinal damage and or hip dysplasia.

Do not let your baby sleep in your bed, they are 5 times more likely to die of SIDS but for optimal development, healthy newborns should sleep on their mother’s chest for the first few weeks and stay in the mother’s bed until they are three or even four years old however don’t let them stay there too long or they’ll sleep in your bed forever! If you sleep with your child you will be up all night stressing about smothering your baby with blankets but thats OK because if baby is in your bed it will ensure a better nights sleep for both of you.

Only put your baby to sleep on their back, putting them to sleep on their tummies or sides can lead to SIDS but be careful because if baby vomits or spits up while on their back they could choke and die…  Sleeping on their backs can cause babies’ skulls to temporarily grow out of shape so parents should be alert to this possible side effect of back sleeping, and take preventive measures. Your baby may refuse to sleep on her back and sleep much better on her stomach but don’t let this stress you out as baby feels your stress as their own, and stressed babies don’t grow as much. Continue Reading