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As if we don’t have enough to worry about postpartum… might as well add hair loss to the mix!

People always tell you your hair will fall out after baby comes but no one really tells you any more details that that. So as the months passed by and my hair remained rooted to my head (other than the odd handful My Little would pull out, I truly though i had made it out of the “danger zone.” So trust me when I say I was surprised and somewhat shocked when 3 months postpartum , I was having a nice warm shower, washing my hair and the worlds largest chunk of hair came out in my hands. OK it may not have been the “worlds largest”, but I definitely was not exaggerating when I used the word CHUNK. It was a huge amount of hair and since than it has been falling out non stop, in unbelievably large quantities.

Now “they” say that you don’t lose any hair while your pregnant so its just your body making up for lost time and evicting all lovely visitors who have set up temporary residence on your head but its still a bit scary to see how much comes out.

Someone could have warned me that it may not happen for a few months and of the actual mass quantity of hair you would lose! Like come on ppl, I went through labour, I’m in the club… so warn-a-mother.

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“They say”

I find myself repeating the phrase “They  Say” so often, but really who is they? Baby experts? Well these so called baby experts are doing my head in….

There are so many “they’s” out there that when it comes to raising your babe its not only confusing but also overwhelming.

Here is what parenthood would look like if we listened to “They”

Hold your baby all the time, it’s important for bonding but don’t hold them too much or you’ll spoil them. And make sure you get a good carrier and “wear” your baby as much as possible, this puts them in a better biomechanical position for spinal and muscular development. But be careful of wearing baby too much as it may cause spinal damage and or hip dysplasia.

Do not let your baby sleep in your bed, they are 5 times more likely to die of SIDS but for optimal development, healthy newborns should sleep on their mother’s chest for the first few weeks and stay in the mother’s bed until they are three or even four years old however don’t let them stay there too long or they’ll sleep in your bed forever! If you sleep with your child you will be up all night stressing about smothering your baby with blankets but thats OK because if baby is in your bed it will ensure a better nights sleep for both of you.

Only put your baby to sleep on their back, putting them to sleep on their tummies or sides can lead to SIDS but be careful because if baby vomits or spits up while on their back they could choke and die…  Sleeping on their backs can cause babies’ skulls to temporarily grow out of shape so parents should be alert to this possible side effect of back sleeping, and take preventive measures. Your baby may refuse to sleep on her back and sleep much better on her stomach but don’t let this stress you out as baby feels your stress as their own, and stressed babies don’t grow as much. Continue Reading


Image from: Kangatraining Website


If your little is anything like mine, she is up and on you all day long. To make life easier, I use a carrier…A LOT! So when my husband was setting up my new site he was adding in some place holding pictures until I got a chance to start working on it. One of the images he came across was this one. ^ Mamas working out with their babies on them! Are you serious? this is a thing?

I quickly set to researching and sure enough, not only is it “a thing”, but there was a new class starting just up the road from me in a week! I couldn’t wait, my first research mission as a blogger (I use the term loosely as 3 posts does not a blogger make.)

Wednesday came and @ 9:30am I strapped my little to me and we made our way up the hill the 7 blocks to Kangatraining

First off “What is Kangatraining?”

Kangatraining is a complete workout during which both cardiovascular endurance/flexibility and muscular capacity/strength are enhanced. Unlike traditional exercise classes, new mums need not worry about finding a babysitter or minding an unsettled baby during class because the babies are worn on them and get to be part of the action!

The pelvic floor and abdominal muscles as well as correct posture are given special attention. Kangatrainers are also trained in babywearing best practices and can help mums ensure the safest and most comfortable carrying positions for their babies.

The name ‘Kangatraining’ comes from ‘Winnie the Poo’ where by the Kanga mother dotes on her playful and energetic baby joey Roo!

– excerpt taken from Kangatraining website

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10,000 Hours

Around 20 years ago Anders Ericsson wrote a paper on the 10,000-hours concept; the rule says that in order for an individual to master any complex skill, be it brain surgery or playing the cello, she must put in 10,000 hours of focused practice. So over the holidays I worked out my own equation, bare with me as math has never been my forte.

Now before I begin, let’s give this some perspective. .. We do not follow a particular parenting style in our home, more so a mashup of multiple different ones (that parenting style is good, but how can I make it better sort of thing)

That being said we do baby wear, cloth diaper, co-sleep, EBF (exclusively breast feed) – I had no idea what that stood for until i became a mother ..anyway, I’m sure you get the picture.

This baby is in my arms pretty much 24/7, even when she is sleeping, I am “on call” waking up at every squawk or wiggle. Let me ask you this, if a paramedic works a 12 hour shift and is on call for 12 hours ( answering 10-12 calls over that 12 hour period, would we not say he worked 24 hours straight?

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and we begin..

See what I did there.. up there ^ in the photo above? MWP – Mess With Perfection?!?

Okay, that’s my initial attempt at wit, perhaps you thought I was being self absorbed. Au contraire my dear friends, I was simply attempting to break the ice, did it work? Are you hooked, ready to indulge in my new pleasure, A BLOG!

I’ve talked about A BLOG! for a while now… I’ll do it when I get pregnant… maybe when the baby comes.. when? WHEN? WHEN?… How about now! The babe is 16 weeks old, the new year has started and we begin!

I’ve always been a fan of fresh starts or new beginnings, I’ll eat healthy starting Monday, I’ll workout starting Monday, I’ll drink more water starting Monday, I’ll get organized starting Monday. The list goes on. Now if that Monday is also the 1st day of the month and the 1st day of the year, god help us, that’s when I will change the world! Alas this is not that day. It is Sunday. January 3rd. Darn. Perhaps I should wait until tomorrow. At least than it’ll be a Monday! Continue Reading