Hair, Hair , Everywhere Hair!

As if we don’t have enough to worry about postpartum… might as well add hair loss to the mix!

People always tell you your hair will fall out after baby comes but no one really tells you any more details that that. So as the months passed by and my hair remained rooted to my head (other than the odd handful My Little would pull out, I truly though i had made it out of the “danger zone.” So trust me when I say I was surprised and somewhat shocked when 3 months postpartum , I was having a nice warm shower, washing my hair and the worlds largest chunk of hair came out in my hands. OK it may not have been the “worlds largest”, but I definitely was not exaggerating when I used the word CHUNK. It was a huge amount of hair and since than it has been falling out non stop, in unbelievably large quantities.

Now “they” say that you don’t lose any hair while your pregnant so its just your body making up for lost time and evicting all lovely visitors who have set up temporary residence on your head but its still a bit scary to see how much comes out.

Someone could have warned me that it may not happen for a few months and of the actual mass quantity of hair you would lose! Like come on ppl, I went through labour, I’m in the club… so warn-a-mother.

Woman Pulling Hair Out

I literally find it everywhere, my hair is quite frankly taking over the house! The prairies have tumble weeds… our house has hair balls, and we don’t have any animals!

It’s like a small noose slowly suffocating the life out of any clothes that are unlucky enough to go to war with it in the dryer. The lose strands are constantly wrapped around My Littles fingers, in her neck rolls, matted in her diapers or stuck to her clothes, she’s like a lost hair magnet!

Its getting ridiculous!And let’s not even talk about Hair Tourniquet Syndrome !No seriously, I don’t want to talk about it, it scares the bejeezus out of me!

All I can hope is that it will stop falling out soon and that if and when it ever decides to grow back in, it does so kindly and doesn’t leave me with an unnamable halo of frizz!

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