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If your little is anything like mine, she is up and on you all day long. To make life easier, I use a carrier…A LOT! So when my husband was setting up my new site he was adding in some place holding pictures until I got a chance to start working on it. One of the images he came across was this one. ^ Mamas working out with their babies on them! Are you serious? this is a thing?

I quickly set to researching and sure enough, not only is it “a thing”, but there was a new class starting just up the road from me in a week! I couldn’t wait, my first research mission as a blogger (I use the term loosely as 3 posts does not a blogger make.)

Wednesday came and @ 9:30am I strapped my little to me and we made our way up the hill the 7 blocks to Kangatraining

First off “What is Kangatraining?”

Kangatraining is a complete workout during which both cardiovascular endurance/flexibility and muscular capacity/strength are enhanced. Unlike traditional exercise classes, new mums need not worry about finding a babysitter or minding an unsettled baby during class because the babies are worn on them and get to be part of the action!

The pelvic floor and abdominal muscles as well as correct posture are given special attention. Kangatrainers are also trained in babywearing best practices and can help mums ensure the safest and most comfortable carrying positions for their babies.

The name ‘Kangatraining’ comes from ‘Winnie the Poo’ where by the Kanga mother dotes on her playful and energetic baby joey Roo!

– excerpt taken from Kangatraining website

My little and I were pleasantly greeted by Monika, the first  instructor to bring Kangatraining to not only Vancouver but Canada as well, although it looks like albertans will get their chance to Kanga, as there is a teacher in Calgary just starting up her classes!

Monika was both knowledgeable & supportive and gently led us through 20 mins of core work on the floor followed by 40 mins of aerobics with our little “Roos'” strapped to us.

Now although the workout was light in its intensity, it really showed me the extent of my sleep deprivation… I think part of being a new mom is that your body quickly adapts and regulates to function on very little sleep, you almost lose sight of how tired you are as the haze around you settles in for the long haul and you become accustomed to your brain not functioning quite as well as it use to. Struggling for the right word, or forgetting almost everything that isn’t written down becomes the norm.. and yet you somehow forget the exhaustion. That is until you watch a graceful instructor with her little girl strapped to her back, execute swan like steps.Yet for you a simple “step, step, slide”turns into step..what was i doing? what side am i on ??What way is left???

None the less, despite my somewhat clumsy and uncoordinated contribution to the class, I really enjoyed myself & find myself looking forward to next week.

As I was researching Kangatraining I got lost in the rabbit hole of baby wearing fitness. Did you know there is also Baby wearing ballet, baby wearing yoga,  baby wearing water aerobics! OK pretty sure I made the last one up, but that would be pretty awesome… just saying



Image taken from : pregdance.com


In my search I also found a pretty hilarious post by scary mommy about babywearing ballet… Scary Mommy Post 

That’s all for now.

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