10,000 Hours

Around 20 years ago Anders Ericsson wrote a paper on the 10,000-hours concept; the rule says that in order for an individual to master any complex skill, be it brain surgery or playing the cello, she must put in 10,000 hours of focused practice. So over the holidays I worked out my own equation, bare with me as math has never been my forte.

Now before I begin, let’s give this some perspective. .. We do not follow a particular parenting style in our home, more so a mashup of multiple different ones (that parenting style is good, but how can I make it better sort of thing)

That being said we do baby wear, cloth diaper, co-sleep, EBF (exclusively breast feed) – I had no idea what that stood for until i became a mother ..anyway, I’m sure you get the picture.

This baby is in my arms pretty much 24/7, even when she is sleeping, I am “on call” waking up at every squawk or wiggle. Let me ask you this, if a paramedic works a 12 hour shift and is on call for 12 hours ( answering 10-12 calls over that 12 hour period, would we not say he worked 24 hours straight?

So here is my equation:

we work 24 hours/day – this equals three 8 working hour days

so we work 3 days/day, that’s 21 days/week

so at 16 weeks ive already put in 336 days !

That’s 2,688 Hours! Accordiing to Anders Ericsson i’m 1/4 of the way to being a master at the complex skill of mother hood. That means that in 43 weeks(304 days) I will be an expert! Ha!

These are the trivial thoughts that float in and out of my sleep deprived mind.

that is all…


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