and we begin..

See what I did there.. up there ^ in the photo above? MWP – Mess With Perfection?!?

Okay, that’s my initial attempt at wit, perhaps you thought I was being self absorbed. Au contraire my dear friends, I was simply attempting to break the ice, did it work? Are you hooked, ready to indulge in my new pleasure, A BLOG!

I’ve talked about A BLOG! for a while now… I’ll do it when I get pregnant… maybe when the baby comes.. when? WHEN? WHEN?… How about now! The babe is 16 weeks old, the new year has started and we begin!

I’ve always been a fan of fresh starts or new beginnings, I’ll eat healthy starting Monday, I’ll workout starting Monday, I’ll drink more water starting Monday, I’ll get organized starting Monday. The list goes on. Now if that Monday is also the 1st day of the month and the 1st day of the year, god help us, that’s when I will change the world! Alas this is not that day. It is Sunday. January 3rd. Darn. Perhaps I should wait until tomorrow. At least than it’ll be a Monday!

Lovely you’re still here :0). I am too. I’ve decided to carry on, take a chance and start this blog on a Sunday.


These were my goals for 2015, how quickly your world changes with a new babe. This blog will be about those changes and what I discover along the way. The recipes, music and fascinating articles I find in the never ending search of perfection.. and when i find it, there is a good chance I’ll mess with it, because.. well.. that, is what i do. No, I’m not self sabotaging, think more along the lines of – When Huffington post gives us “The perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe” can i improve this perfect recipe? Or to quote my college improv teacher “Yes and? ” meaning how can you add to this.

It will be also be about the mess that we create in our quest to laugh lots, love lots, play lots and to dance lots with “our littles & our loves” and the absolute perfection of that mess.


So check in on us from time to time for a laugh or a cry or maybe a bit of both.



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