Co(coa)pious amounts of Chocolaty Goodness

    Cocoa Bars

    Today is a very special day, my valentine present to you is my chocolate recipe…this may very well be the last chocolate recipe you ever need so write this one down folks! This recipe is DEVINE CHOCOLATE BLISS and I mean who doesn’t want devine chocolate bliss ? !?

    This recipe has been dubbed “The Chocolate” amongst our family and friends, Simply because once you learn this recipe, there will be no need for any other. It is that good.

    And the best part is it’s healthy and simple…Now don’t let the word healthy turn you off, I know that sometimes when I’m looking for some ooey gooey goodness I don’t want “healthy” in the key words but this is more of a powerhouse chocolate, all the ingredients have, at one time or another, been deemed superfoods… just saying…

    OK Let’s talk about the Ingredients , their are only 4!

    Coconut oil: I generally use non virgin coconut oil, simply because the virgin stuff has a distinct coconut flavour. That being said the virgin is much better for you! So this one is entirely up to you.

    Cocoa: Now the important thing here is that it is unsweetened cocoa powder, I have had the best luck with this one Camino Fair Trade Cocoa powder, but feel free to experiment!

    Maple Syrup: This one is a little particular, only because not all maple syrup is created equally. For example I find the costco brand has too much water in it and is more prone to separate. I generally use something like the Canadian Heritage Maple Syrup, but again feel free to play around with different ones!

    Maple Syrup has only just joined the superfood category :articles are popping up everywhere citing its greatness :0) yum 

    Vanilla: Lastly Vanilla.. this one is optional but I find it makes a big difference. Again no two vanillas are created the same, I get mine from mexico and it is by far the best I’ve ever tasted! It’s called Orlando – Premium Natural Vanilla but use what you like and it will turn out delicious!!

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